Thu 11 Apr 2024 TRC News

European Athletics, Running Industry Alliance and Running USA Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Global Running Business Conferences


European Athletics, Running Industry Alliance (RIA) and Running USA are proud to announce a landmark partnership aimed at enhancing the global running industry's business landscape. 

This unique approach between the three prominent organisations signifies a milestone in showcasing innovation, collaboration, and growth within and for the running industry B2B focus.

As part of this strategic alliance the three running business conferences, that each organisation holds either annually or biennially, will support each other in terms of best practices, cross-promotion, content, suppliers, services and sponsors. The alliance will create bridges and provide a unified approach for industry leaders, stakeholders and members to be able to access unparalleled networking opportunities, thought-provoking discussions as well as access to cutting-edge insights and trends that are shaping the running industry globally.

"Together, we will empower businesses, foster collaboration, and inspire positive change within the running industry business ecosystem. We all compliment each other through conference connection and focus, and we will create greater reach by a collaborative approach whilst still remaining independent to our members, associations and alliances." said Rebecca Richardson, Co-Lead of Running Industry Alliance UK & Ireland. 

“Delivering value to Running USA members and sharing the successes of those members with the global industry are key goals of this organisation,” said Jay Holder, Executive Director of Running USA. “We are excited about the increased output of content, best practices and productive conversations that will come with working closely with our friends and partners at Running Industry Alliance and European Athletics.”

Running USA will offer the member rate to all members of Running Industry Alliance. It will also offer reciprocity on select member benefits, with Running Industry Alliance UK & Ireland offering the same for Running USA members. 

“European Athletics shares a vision with Running USA and Running Industry Alliance on the continued growth and development of running,” commented European Athletics CEO Christian Milz. 

“It is a critical branch of our sport, through which we can engage with a wide demographic of people, explore wider commercial opportunities and provide a valuable service to members of the running community across the world.

 “The European Running Business Conference (ERBC) brings together major race organisers, our member federations, suppliers, and running media every two years so that we have a stronger and larger running industry in Europe. Together with RIA and Running USA we look to expand the influence of the ERBC and its partners globally, by sharing knowledge and resources with our colleagues from the UK, Ireland and the USA. 

“We look forward to collaborating closely on our Global Running Conferences to deliver best practice and be at the forefront of the international running industry,” added Milz. 

B2B Running Conference 2024 and 2025 Dates & Websites:

European Running Business Conference, 8th to 10th November 2024 in Athens, Greece - For Running Events ;

The Running Conference presented by haku, 8th to 10th December 2024 in Loughborough, UK - For the UK & Ireland Running Industry ;

Running USA Industry Conference presented by haku, 2nd to 5th Feb 2025 in Louisville, USA - For Endurance Running Events, Vendors, Non-Profits, Media and More ;



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