The Running Conference presented by haku

Held at Loughborough University 10th to 12th December 2023

The Running Conference 2023 presented by haku #TRC23 is the annual conference for members of Running Industry Alliance (RIA). 

The conference features content specifically curated for RIA Members based on topics that are relevant, timely, and impactful for the sport and business of Running.

The content will focus on the areas of The Market Place; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB); Health and Wellbeing; Research, Data and Insights; Sustainability and Future.

Creating deep-dives into these topics and areas with a mix of speakers, panels, workshops, round table discussions, activations, celebrations and plenty of industry (B2B) networking at #TRC23.


The Running Conference presented by haku (TRC23) is the annual conference for Running Industry Alliance (RIA) Members, to meet, learn, share and do business in a safe business member-to-member space. 

Held at Loughborough University on the 10th to 12th December, this is the perfect conference venue and location for bringing B2B industry leading minds together! 

TRC23 provides business and collaboration opportunities, visibility of the industry, brands, sector and businesses involved, information and content sharing in a safe RIA Member environment, market and sector insights “first looks”, and various activities and activations for the attendees. 

The theme of the 2023 conference is “AMPLIFICATION” with a focus on connecting, supporting, educating, sharing, networking, and growing. This is following the “COLLABORATION” theme of TRC22.

Attendance is for members-only of Running Industry Alliance (RIA), and many RIA Members see the conference as a place to reset, reconnect, and refocus on past learnings and future developments together. 

The Running Conference is purpose-built RIA Members with running industry content and presented by haku for the 2023 conference.

Running Industry Alliance (RIA)

Running Industry Alliance (RIA) is a member based independent national trade organisation built for the UK & Ireland Running Industry. RIA is the organiser of The Running Conference.

“We exist to collectively assist our Members to drive the Running Industry forward to improve the Sport & Business of Running”

RIA is a network that brings together various sectors of the Running Industry into a continual conversation to galvanise, align, elevate, inform and advance. 

RIA creates an amplified voice, drives focus and purpose through a thriving community and a supportive industry eco-system.


The Running Conference presented by haku #TRC23 is a must-attend event that offers numerous benefits including:

  • Meeting existing and making new business friends with RIA Co-Leads, RIA Team, fellow RIA Members and Alliance Partners from different verticals in a safe-space, friendly and welcoming business environment
  • Showcasing your business and gaining "first look" at various valuable insights into the industry in a supportive atmosphere
  • Plenty of opportunities for networking and making new connections with like-minded people to potentially support and grow your business
  • Learning and updating your knowledge on the industry with shared and crafted content specifically designed for the running industry, in an environment where everyone can thrive together and support each other
  • Exploring new innovations and sharing best practices to improve your business with the latest information, education, technology and developments
  • Getting inspired and motivated by the positive energy, passion, excitement and knowledge shared at the conference, creating momentum for your business when you return
  • Collaborating with others in the industry and potentially finding new ways to approach and galvanise your business, supporting advancement together
  • Celebrating the amazing industry, the people, and the work we all do, in a positive and fun environment. We all share the same love for what we do, which is why we attend The Running Conference!

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Who's There?

RIA Members from the running industry’s different sectors, including brands, retailers, distributors, buying groups, events, media, communities, charities, service and system providers, suppliers, NGB’s and more will be in attendance. 

Attending the conference is a great opportunity to connect with the industry, gain new knowledge with first look at industry insights and grow your business while having a good time, all in one place! 

Not a member of Running Industry Alliance yet? Click the button to apply for RIA Membership today!


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Already a RIA Member?

If you are already a member of Running Industry Alliance (RIA) your full membership will include one ticket to access to The Running Conference presented by haku. 

If you have not had an email of how to claim your ticket for TRC23 please email RIA Membership Team.

If you would like additional tickets for a colleague in your business to attend please click the button below to book now **note any additional tickets will be invoiced** see FAQ's tab for more info.


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The Running Conference #TRC23 Pledge

  • Choosing a central location
  • Providing access to refillable water stations and issuing refillable water bottles, thereby reducing single-use plastics at the conference
  • Using crockery instead of disposable cups during coffee and tea breaks, and biodegradable cups where necessary
  • Reducing food waste by offering catering options for specific days attending and catering to specific dietary requirements including offerings of Vegan and Vegetarian al all meal times
  • Encouraging walking rather than driving around the venue and activation sites
  • Promoting public transport to the venue and offering free on-site parking for those who must drive
  • Encouraging car share where possible between members and attendees 
  • Offering electric vehicle charging facility access onsite 
  • Incorporating discussions about sustainability throughout the conference
  • Encouraging representation at TRC23 across brands, groups, communities and speakers that engage and support sustainable action
  • Minimising deliveries and asking attendees to bring and then take any unused materials with them
  • No flyers on site at TRC23
  • Discouraging product giveaways that will not be utilised 
  • On sampling only giving away samples that are requested to be used, anything not used to be taken away by the issuer 
  • Encouraging onsite stay at accommodation with an offering of three hotels onsite to minimise travel each day whilst at TRC23
  • Prioritising physical and mental well-being by including many outdoor activities during the conference and plenty of breaks

Other RIA Member Events:
The RIA Spring Gathering April 2023

Beautiful evening at Red Bull LONDON for The Running Industry Alliance (RIA) Spring Gathering 2023 hosted by Red Bull, Wings For Life and Wings For Life World Run.

This is a new annual spring event for RIA Members included in RIA Membership and the next event will take place in April 2024.

RIA Members & Alliance Partners

Running Industry Alliance (RIA) is very proud to showcase all RIA Members who have joined from the launch of RIA on the 17th January 2022 onwards.

Huge thank you to all RIA Members and industry leaders who are part of Running Industry Alliance

RIA is accepting and onboarding new RIA Members throughout the year. You can join the journey and fellow RIA Members by applying to become a Member today, supporting yourself, your business and your industry.

Our journey together is just the beginning, thank you to all who are and will be supporting Running Industry Alliance, making what we do together possible for RIA Members, Alliance Partners and the Running Industry.


Alliance Partnerships are a focus area at RIA to develop meaningful relationships together across key partnerships.

These are “bridges” built in and out of the UK & Ireland and globally, for strong effective alliance partnering whilst supporting members to be able to navigate quickly and effectively by having firm foundations in place.


Running Industry Alliance (RIA) is accepting and onboarding new RIA Members throughout the year.

You can join the journey and fellow RIA Members by applying to become a Member today, supporting yourself, your business and your industry.